Hide and Leather Cushions and Pillows


Exotic leather cushions and pillows. We custom make in genuine exotic leather such as pirarucu, ostrich, crocodile, alligator and more.

Black-White special II_edited

Cowhide Cushions and cushions and pillows custom made in size and colour / pattern


Genuine leather pillows and cushion made with Italian upholstery leather. Available in all of the upholstery leather colours and types shown


Dyed cowhide pillows and cushions available in all Italian cowhide colours including corrosion and contrast. Natural or short hair.


Gameskin hide pillows in Zebra and Springbok


Printed cowhide pillows, available in all kinds of prints zebra, jaguar, and cheetah and more.


Printed Italian leather pillows and cushion. Custom embossed in croci, tejus lizard, stingray and more