African Black Springbok hide

African Black Springbok Hide | Natural


These hides are genuine African Black Springbok hides. Black Springbok is a breed of antelope. Although called a black springbok the hides are more of a grey brown with black stripes. They are sourced from reputable suppiers.


Hide Size: Approx 100cm x 60cm

Origin: South Africa



Important Note: Hide size, colouration and hair length will vary. This is a wild animal and as such may have scratches scars etc picked up living on the plains of Africa.

  • About Source and Origin


    All of our animal skins originate from sanctioned culls. Culling is especially necessary to protect herd lands from the devastating effects of overpopulation, and is therefore a positive, productive process.

    Responsible operators specifically use the proceeds of culling to develop waterholes and other infrastructure, in order to contribute to and ensure the survival and growth of African herds.

    By maximising the return to the farmer, better control is then afforded which maintains and even improves the value of animals and strengthens each species' long-term survival prospects.

    Culling is therefore an essential conservation action - it helps to continue the natural cycle of life.

    All skins SGHideRugs  supply are obtained legally, and no animal has been hunted only for its skin. Culling licenses are strictly controlled by government and wildlife organisations.