Nguni Cowhide Rug | Black Speckle | L | 10088

Nguni Cowhide Rug | Black Speckle | L | 10088


A premium hand selected Nguni cowhide rug.

The rug pictured is the actual rug you will receive.

Naturally non slip suede backing.


Nguni African Cowhide 



L 190cm

W 170cm


This is the exact rug you will receive


Note sizes are approximate.

L - Length top to bottom

W - Width across bottom longest part of the rug


  • About Nguni Hide Rugs

    The Nguni breed are the traditional breed of the Zulu nation and have strong associations both in name and in physical attributes to their surroundings on the plains of Kwazulu-Natal and Zululand. These cattle are amongst some of the toughest breeds, being able to survive extremes in climate as well as, at times, very limited and tough grass. 

    Cattle are a strong feature in Zulu culture and considered a measurement of wealth: the more cattle a man owns, the wealthier he is considered. An example of the value attributed to cattle is their location in the village when brought in from the veld. To ensure the cattle's safety and to protect them from both wild animals as well as other raiding tribes, they were placed in a fenced enclosure in the centre of the village which was surrounded by the huts. 

    Nguni hides are an assortment of rich colours and patterns. the more dominant colours being black, white, brown and in less common instances, a combination of all three or dun (also known as yellow). Each of the varying hide patterns has a name closely associated to an animal, bird, plant or other natural wonder. Although it is not necessarily limited to this natural association for example, on the odd occasion, a beast may be described by the pattern of the hide itself. 

    Nguni hides are highly functional and are mostly used as "rugs" in homes and furniture coverings as they are both decorative and warm.