Quito Patchwork Cowhide Rug | Black and White 135cm x 155cm

Quito Patchwork Cowhide Rug | Black and White 135cm x 155cm


Quito is a patchwork cowhide rug, made with premium quality natural Brazilian cowhide.

Comprised natural black and white cowhide panels in hexagon shape


Overall Size: 135cm x 155cm

Panel Size: 30cm Hexagon

Colour: Natural Black and White

Unlined Natural Suede Back

  • Customisation

    This rug can be customised in any size and any cowhide colour. 

    What is the process for customisation

    Step 1: Contact us and we will discuss the colours size and layout you want.

    Step 2: After the rug design, layout and cost is agreed upon we will send the invoice for payment.

    Step 3: Workshop will begin production. Selecting the cowhide and cutting the panels.

    Step 4: Layout approval, we will send you a photograph of the layout of the rug before stitching. Any layout changes will be made at this time. 

    Step 5: Final stitching and lining

    Step 6: Photograph of the finished rug.

    Step 7: Rug is shipped to you.

    This process can take from 3-5 weeks excluding shipping depending on the design, layout and colours selected.

    Cowhide available for customisation.

    Natural Cowhide - We have many colours and patterns of natural cowhide.

    Dyed Cowhide - We have over 80 dyed cowhide colours available.

    Printed Cowhides - We have many patterns of printed cowhide both on natural and dyed.

    Devore Metallic Splash - Many colours of metallic splash cowhide.