Reindeer Hides

Reindeer Hides


A reindeer hide is a natural, multipurpose, cosy and authentic luxury product. The reindeer hide can be used to decorate inside and outside walls, as decorative covering, clothing, seat cushion.


A reindeer hide is a beautiful décor item that holds tales of the unique nature of the northern regions. The reindeer hide creates homeliness and ambiance in a place you value.





Width 70/80cm

Length 100/120cm




Width 80/90cm

Length 120/140cm


Tanned in Finland


Its important to note that Reindeer hide have unique hollow hairs used to insualte the animal, these hairs can be brittle and are not suitable for high traffic areas.

  • About Reindeer Hides

    Our reindeer hides come from the Sámi people, a nomadic group travelling the fells of Sweden, Norway and Finland in rhythm with the seasons. The reindeer provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools. Reindeer herding is still as important today to the Sámi people, their livelihoods and their culture. This ensure that reindeer hides are an especially eco-friendly and sustainable product.